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Nanaimo Real Estate For Sale By Owner

If you own Nanaimo Real Estate and you are trying to sell it on your own, I applaud you.

Some of my past business has come from helping For Sale By Owners or FSBO’s as we say in the business.  I’ve heard all the stories of successes and not so sussessfuls.  Feel free to use any of the information on this site to your benefit.

If I can be of assistance as to pricing or marketing tips.  Give me a call at 250-756-2112.  I would be more than happy to stop by and give you an evaluation on your property and tell you what the market is really doing.  Who knows, maybe I have a buyer looking for a property just like yours!

Nanaimo Real Estate Statistics can be found here and you can email me your questions to [email protected].  Good luck!


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