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Personal Home Buying Service

Whether you’re a first time Home Buyer or a seasoned one, the overall process of finding the right home can be a daunting task.  Working
with an experienced Realtor® can help alleviate some of the anxiety and pressures that come with Home Buying. That’s where a personal home buying service comes in.

Ever overhear someone talking at your local coffee shop or tea house telling their friend how frustrated they are?  They’ve seen “100” houses and can’t find one that they like! Or, worse, they haven’t seen anything that they can afford?  Or, how about this one, “My REALTORr® isn’t listening to me, he hasn’t shown us anything that we’ve asked for!”  When looking for a new home in Nanaimo, most people have a timeline that fits their lifestyle.
I help people work within their schedule.

I have designed a home buying system that eliminates the days and days of house hunting.  With my system, I am better able to get to the root of what my clients are looking for, and if it’s on the market, I find it! My system narrows the search to meet the criteria that is important to you.  Eliminating having to see “100” houses until finding the “right one”.

Here’s a peek into the process.  Call me to set up an interview time to see if we can work together.  Then, go see a Mortgage Broker to get preapproved for a specific amount. If you don’t know a good one I’ll give you a few names to call. I prefer you call me first, there are a couple of questions I will want to ask you before you speak with a mortgage pro.  Then we meet face to face.

When you’re thinking of the type of new home you want.  Jot down some notes on a piece of paper using the following headings: Needs, Wants, Bonus.  Under needs, write down the important features of your new home; things you need, the absolutely must haves!  Then write the things that you want but wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker, and then the extras that would be nice but you don’t really care if we can’t get them.  Bring this list to our meeting.

From here, I’ll find you that perfect new home in Nanaimo! Call me at 250-756-2112 or email me at [email protected].

Want to stay on top of the market changes?  Call me to make an appointment to discuss your needs.