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Pricing Your House Too High Can Cost YOU Money

9 Reasons Why Pricing Your House Too High Can Cost YOU Money

Ok, so you’ve decided that it’s time sell your house.  For whatever reason; upgrade, downsize, relocate, you get the picture. Now, everyone wants the most money for their house, right? And, many homeowners, including you, believe for whatever reason that their house is worth more than the one down the street, right?  Be honest with yourself!  Homeowners should be cautioned that pricing your house too high can end up costing them money, literally thousands!

Now, keep in mind that you’ve already decided that you’re going to sell and move on. I have 9 simple reasons why pricing your home too high can cost you money.

It’s all common sense really!  I can explain where the current market for your area is and help you price your house right.  Send me an email to receive my paper 9 Reasons Why Pricing Too High can cost YOU Money! Just put “9 Reasons” in the subject line.

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