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Selling During the Holidays

Yes it does happen, you can sell your house during the holidays!

I actually sold one on Christmas Eve! Selling during the holidays can be a stressful task anytime let alone during the Holiday season.  Keep in mind though, peoples homes usually look their best during this time as most of us go out of our way to have the home spotless and ready for visitors.  The trick is decorating your home for Christmas to make buyers fall in love with your house and not think it’s too small for them.  Interior home designer, Cynthia Martin, gives us these great tips to keeping it simple yet festive!

  • Pack away your year round decorations & trinkets before decorating for Christmas.
  • It is important to keep your home clutter free. Your home will appear larger to potential buyers.
  • Put a table runner or tablecloth on your dining table with a small Christmas centerpiece, or a glass bowl of coloured balls or candlesticks.
  • Decorate your fireplace mantle simply. Use candles, poinsettias & Christmas stockings. Make sure to accent the fireplace not cover it up. You want the potential buyers to be able to see the fireplace.
  • Do not hang garlands or other decorations from the ceiling or along walls. They are a distraction to potential buyers & will make the room appear smaller & ceiling lower.
  • Put away extra furniture when you put up your Christmas tree. Christmas trees take up a lot of floor space so it may be necessary to reorganize your furniture so your room will feel spacious.
  • Use a small simple ornament on end tables & coffee tables. It is better to have some empty space around an ornament on a table, it will make the area appear larger.
  • Keep your gifts contained under the tree, do not let them trail out & take up precious floor space. Once gifts have been opened put them away, do not leave them out & hanging around. Make sure that all wrapping, bows & tags are disposed of properly.
  • Keep your floor area open & uncluttered.
  • Do not use Christmas lights on anything inside except on your Christmas tree.
  • An exterior flower arrangement on the front porch and/or a wreath or bow on the front door give a warm welcome.
  • Do not use lawn ornaments, keep your lawn well groomed & uncluttered to show off the natural features.
  • If you use exterior lights keep them simple & do not overdue.
  • Remember Less is More!

Cynthia is currently relocating to the Nanaimo area.  If you would like to hire her for decorating tips, home staging ideas or interior space design.  Send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with her.

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