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Why get a Pre-Sale Home Inpection?

According to Darryl Saam, a Professional Building Inspector here in Nanaimo (www.discoveryinspections.ca), a pre-sale home inspection upon listing your house for sale is a great idea.  It not only gives potential buyers a good first impression, it gives the seller peace of mind that a post-sale inspection won’t turn up any costly surprises!  Below are 10 reasons by Darryl:

  1. Dramatically increases marketability and confidence in your home to the potential buyer.
  2. Helps to eliminate conditional offers.
  3. According to the Ontario real-estate board in a market where the average days a home is on the market is 30-40 days a home that has a pre-listing inspection sells 13 days quicker.
  4. The report can be used by your agent at showings, open houses, emailed as a PDF to potential out of town buyers.
  5. Speeds up the process of the transaction, it is a win/win for the seller and buyer!
  6. It helps you prioritize repairs — those you’ll pay for yourself and those you’ll pass on to the buyer.
  7. It allows you to get quotes on the larger items found to be deficient and reduce the asking price accordingly. CMHC national statistics show that buyers renegotiate 4 to 5 times the actual value of repairs to any deficiencies that their home inspection found. This alone may save you thousands of dollars.
  8. Included is an eye catching lawn sign that accompanies the agents sign, and a free 120 day limited warranty* on the home.
  9. Eliminate the stress that comes with “Subject to home inspection”.
  10. It reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

If you have any questions about a pre-sale inspection call Darry Saam at 250-713-4811 and seeing how you’re thinking of selling your home, call Jeff King at 250-751-4902 or email me at [email protected].

* Please note that the 120 day limited warranty is offered by Discovery Home Inspections and may not be offered by all inspection services.


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