couple decorating their living room

Decorating Tips From The Pros

Choose your colour palette first. Whether you plan to redecorate one room or your whole home, a colour palette helps you invoke a sense of unity throughout the space. For inspiration, look at the colours in the furniture you plan to have in the room; or, go with a simple, muted palette that allows your furniture to be the focus of the room and encourages a restful environment.

Pro tip: If you love the style of your furniture, but not the colour or patterns, consider buying slipcovers to create a uniform appearance. Slipcovers also prolong the life of your furniture by protecting against the wear and tear of active children and cuddly pets. Keep extra on-hand in case you have to wash one.

Go for quality over quantity. Resist the urge to overflow the space with furniture. Instead, choose a few key, well-made pieces that will create a timeless look. If you’re just starting out in your first home, splurge on a sofa and enjoy quality that will last.

Pro tip: If you have carpet, layer a rug over it to add dimension, texture and incorporate more colour into the room.

Create a focal point. Whether it’s a mirror, a vase, an antique chair or particular colour, make sure the focus is something you love. The furniture and decor in the room should complement your focal point.

Pro tip: Layer your lighting to create interest and help features stand out. Install lights overhead or on the walls and include table and floor lamps.

Display wisely. If you have collections, arrange them in odd numbers. Collections of three or five are more aesthetically pleasing than those arranged in even numbers. Vary the textures, sizes and colours so they still look like a collection, but aren’t too uniform.

Pro tip: Look for items in your home, such as vases, knickknacks, photos, etc., that would fit together as a set to display.

Select your paint colour last. While many people design a room around the colours they choose for its walls and trim, it makes more sense to pick colours after you’ve decided what furniture, decor, rugs and lighting you want to use in the room.

Pro tip: If you want to brighten a dark room, choose a light colour for the walls and go a shade or two lighter for the ceiling.

Now, get decorating!