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Selling In A Spring Market

Clean, clean, clean. I mean clean everything! A clean house shows way better than a not so clean house. If you really want to sell your house, here are a few pointers to maximize your profit and get an edge over your competition.

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Professional Real Estate Consultation

What is Real Estate Consultation? Real Estate Consultation is a service where a Professional Real Estate Consultant, a person who gives professional or expert advice, meets with you to discuss your goals and future Real Estate plans.

A Great Time to Paint, At A Bargain?

Paint for the holidays! I was recently asked by Jeff King about freshening up homes for the Christmas Season.  As a seasoned professional painter I’d never turn down a sale. I then thought about the question for a bit and came up with this. Painting is seasonal work. During the summer months there is work… Read More

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Why get a Pre-Sale Home Inpection?

…a pre-sale home inspection upon listing your house for sale is a great idea. It not only gives potential buyers a good first impression, it give the seller peace of mind that a post-sale inspection won’t turn up any costly surprises!

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Selling During the Holidays

The trick is decorating your home for Christmas to make buyers fall in love with your house and not think it’s too small for them. Interior home designer, Cynthia Martin, gives us these great tips to keeping it simple yet festive!

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Meeting Your Lawyer (Seller)

If you have an existing mortgage to be paid out and discharged your lawyer will be responsible to do so. The net sale proceeds (after any mortgage payout) will be paid to you by your lawyer on the completion date.

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Meeting Your Lawyer (Buyer)

You will normally meet with your lawyer to sign all the necessary paperwork a few days before the completion date. The lawyer and his staff will have prepared the seller’s documents, a property purchase tax form, a statement of adjustments and all mortgage documents (if any) and will act as a witness to your signing of the documents.

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