10 Mistakes Buyers Make

There are 10 common mistakes made by buyers during the home buying process. To make the process less stressful, here are a few TIPS FOR MAKING THE SELECTION PROCESS EASIER:

Bring a camera to document each home that you visit. Start each tour with a shot of the address plaque so you can easily identify each home later.

Take notes during each home visit. Record any notable features, architecture and design elements. List what changes you would make and what details really stand out. You will especially want to write down your first impressions of each home.

Pay attention to the home’s surroundings. Generally, avoid the most upgraded home on the block. Is it in a friendly neighborhood? Will parking be an issue? Is it a good area to walk your dog or have an outdoor get together? Is it in a good school district?

Visit homes that you were interested in again a few days later at a different time of the day. You may notice some nuances you missed earlier.

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