Renovate Your Landscape

A well-landscaped property can add 20% to your home’s value, and has an average return of 100-200% at the time of sale. Even if you’re not thinking of selling now, summer is a great time to spruce up your landscape and make it a place you enjoy spending time.

Keep your yard in top shape if your home is for sale. A potential buyer may overlook your home if they can’t see past overgrown shrubs and weeds! 

6 Helpful Tips to help your yard stand out:

  1. Make your square or rectangular yard look more spacious by planting flower beds one ash corner. This will make the centre of your yard appear larger. Place taller plants toward the back of your flower beds; that way they won’t overshadow smaller plants, and you’ll create the illusion of depth in your garden.
  2. Revitalize sparse hedges and shrubs by covering their roots and applying fertilizer. Shrubs may become thin when the topsoil from around the roots washes away or diminishes over time.
  3. Apply a thin layer of mulch a few inches from the base of the tree. Many people make the mistake of mounding mulch around the base, which may attract pests.
  4. Create privacy with large shrubs or trellises covered with climbing vines.
  5. Use a simpler palette of no more than three colours that complement your home’s colour scheme. This ties the space together and improves curb appeal.
  6. Focus on the foliage of the plant. Choose plants that have leaves in a variety of shapes, textures and patterns. If you want your landscape to bloom year round, choose plants that bloom at different times of the year.

4 Features That May Sell Your Home Faster

If you’re thinking of putting your home on the market, you may be wondering how to make your home more attractive to prospective buyers. If you’re thinking of listing and you want to update your home, consider these improvements.

1. Hardwood floors. Wood floors are the most popular request from potential buyers because of their clean, versatile and timeless appeal. There are many hardwood and engineered hardwood options to fit any budget.

Cost to install: Hardwood and engineered wood run $4 to $6 per square foot, plus the cost of installation and the removal of existing floors and replacement of subfloors, if necessary.

2. Bathrooms. Whether you do a major overhaul or a minor update, it’s clear that buyers are looking for a neutral, soothing colour palette with modern materials and finishes. To update your bathroom before listing your home, select a basic white toilet, sink and shower, then add modern-looking fixtures and hardware.

Cost to install: Cost varies based on the extent of the work, but a basic renovation can run $10,000 to $16,000, including design, planning, materials and installation.

3. Kitchen. If you plan to update your kitchen before you list your home, be sure to stick to a realistic budget. While a kitchen remodel has a high return on investment, it can also become very expensive. Choose modern, cost-effective options that look expensive. For example, composite, high-end laminate and butcher block look modern, but are more cost-effective than stone.

Cost to install: While cost depends on the scope of work, the average remodel is $24,912.4

4. An income suite. When done right, renovating a basement, loft or garage into a rentable living space can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. Some buyers seek out homes with income suites so they can generate income to offset their mortgage payments. Additionally, if it’ll be a few years before you list your home, you can generate income while you continue to build equity in your home. Just be sure to check with your local zoning laws before you undergo this type of renovation.

Cost to install: Total cost varies, but the average is about $24,000.5


20 Tips for Selling Your Home

As a homeowner, you can play an important part in the timely sale of your property. When you take the following steps, you’ll help your Sales Associate sell your home faster, at the best possible price.

The easiest and most reliable way to improve the appeal of your home is to enlist a quality home service professional. The right professional can help you get everything in order – from repainting the kitchen to providing a thorough cleaning – so you can stay focused on more important things.

1. Make the Most of that First Impression
A well-manicured lawn, neatly trimmed shrubs and a clutter-free porch welcome prospects. So does a freshly painted – or at least freshly scrubbed – front door. If it’s autumn, rake the leaves. If it’s winter, shovel the walkways. The fewer obstacles between prospects and the true appeal of your home, the better.

2. Invest a Few Hours for Future Dividends
Here’s your chance to clean up in real estate. Clean up the living room, the bathroom, the kitchen. If your woodwork is scuffed or the paint is fading, consider some minor redecoration. Fresh wallpaper adds charm and value to your property. If you’re worried about time, hire professional cleaners or painters to get your house ready. Remember, prospects would rather see how great your home really looks than hear how great it could look “with a little work.”

3. Check Faucets and Bulbs
Dripping water rattles the nerves, discolors sinks, and suggests faulty or worn-out plumbing. Burned out bulbs or faulty wiring leave prospects in the dark. Don’t let little problems detract from what’s right with your home.

4. Don’t Shut Out a Sale
If cabinets or closet doors stick in your home, you can be sure they will also stick in a prospect’s mind. Don’t try to explain away sticky situations when you can easily plane them away. A little effort on your part can smooth the way toward a closing.

5. Think Safety
Homeowners learn to live with all kinds of self-set booby traps: roller skates on the stairs, festooned extension cords, slippery throw rugs and low hanging overhead lights. Make your residence as non-perilous as possible for uninitiated visitors.

6. Make Room for Space
Remember, potential buyers are looking for more than just comfortable living space. They’re looking for storage space, too. Make sure your attic and basement are clean and free of unnecessary items.

7. Consider Your Closets
The better organized a closet, the larger it appears. Now’s the time to box up those unwanted clothes and donate them to charity.

8. Make Your Bathroom Sparkle
Bathrooms sell homes, so let them shine. Check and repair damaged or unsightly caulking in the tubs and showers. For added allure, display your best towels, mats, and shower curtains.

9. Create Dream Bedrooms
Wake up prospects to the cozy comforts of your bedrooms. For a spacious look, get rid of excess furniture. Colorful bedspreads and fresh curtains are a must.

10. Open up in the Daytime
Let the sun shine in! Pull back your curtains and drapes so prospects can see how bright and cheery your home is.

11. Lighten up at Night
Turn on the excitement by turning on all your lights – both inside and outside – when showing your home in the evening. Lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome.

12. Avoid Crowd Scenes
Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enter a home filled with people. Rather than giving your house the attention it deserves, they’re likely to hurry through. Keep the company present to a minimum.

13. Watch Your Pets
Dogs and cats are great companions, but not when you’re showing your home. Pets have a talent for getting underfoot. So do everybody a favor: Keep Kitty and Spot outside, or at least out of the way.

14. Think Volume
Rock-and-roll will never die. But it might kill a real estate transaction. When it’s time to show your home, it’s time to turn down the stereo or TV.

15. Relax
Be friendly, but don’t try to force conversation. Prospects want to view your home with a minimum of distraction.

16. Don’t Apologize
No matter how humble your abode, never apologize for its shortcomings. If a prospect volunteers a derogatory comment about your home’s appearance, let your experienced Sales Associate handle the situation.

17. Keep a Low Profile
Nobody knows your home as well as you do. But your Sales Associates know buyers – what they need and what they want. Your Sales Associate will have an easier time articulating the virtues of your home if you stay in the background.

18. Don’t Turn Your Home into a Second-Hand Store
When prospects come to view your home, don’t distract them with offers to sell those furnishings you no longer need. You may lose the biggest sale of all.

19. Defer to Experience
When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert -me.

20. Help Your Agent
Your Sales Associate will have an easier time selling your home if showings are scheduled through his or her office. You’ll appreciate the results !

For more information, give me a call!

6 Things To Do Before You Sell Your House

Selling your house is not as easy as just putting a sign on the front lawn!

There are several steps to take prior to listing your home that will make the transaction smoother and quicker.

Making your home attractive to buyers is one of the key elements. Once you have taken care of the prep work to get your home on the market, you’ll need to present your home to potential buyers. Even small cosmetic improvements will have a major impact on the sale of your home. The right touches can get a buyer excited about your home, but a few poor decisions may lose their interest completely.


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Selling in a spring market

Spring into selling

When the skies open and clouds push back, the sunshine once again floods through filling our lives and homes with warm light! Along with good weather usually comes a busy Real Estate market. This is the time when the market explodes with new listings and buyers have a lot to choose from.

How do you get your house noticed in a sea of For Sale signs? Clean, clean, clean. I mean clean everything! A clean house shows way better than a not so clean house. So, if you really want to sell your house, here are a few pointers to maximize your profit and get an edge over your competition.

WOW , Check that curb appeal!

First impressions only happen once. When I show up with a buyer I first note how the house presents itself. Does it show pride in ownership? Or, has the home been neglected? A house that is in need of repair and cleaning outside usually reflects on the inside as well. You have to get the buyers in to have a chance in selling. I’ve pulled up to homes and have been instructed by the client to just drive away. Don’t let your house be our next pass over!

So, you have our attention. What’s next?

If you’ve done your job right, we’re coming in. What’s usually one of the first things I do when I approach the house? I ring the door bell. If it’s broken or not working, I write it down.

Once inside, we begin the tour. Odors KILL deals! Make certain you clean and deodorize carpets, keep the garbage under the sink clean and make sure the washing machine is smelling fresh. It’s important to have a pleasing and inviting scent upon entry. If you are using an air freshener, pick a plug in air freshener that is NOT overbearing as too much scent makes it seem like you’re hiding something. If you have pets, hide the litter container and keep it

Let there be light…

And lots of it! Maximize your exposure with clean windows and sky lights inside and out. Check for mildew. It is disgusting to look at, makes buyers think of moisture issues and it also leaves a negative impression. Get rid of it. Check all light fixtures and fix or replace as necessary. Please make sure all light bulbs work!

The most important room in the house!

Actually, there are two! The Kitchen and the Bathroom(s). Let’s face it, you won’t eat in a dirty restaurant will you? And it’s the same for public washrooms. You won’t eat there either! All kidding aside, public facilities are frowned upon at the cleanest of times, but a dirty one makes you run away.

Plus, if your not inclined to clean these areas, the clean outside will look fake.


It really is the final frontier! You’re not selling a storage locker so don’t make your house look like one. Clutter is a major deterrent for any buyer. Unnecessary stuff, over sized or too much furniture will make a space look smaller than it really is. Remember, buyers are trying to get a “feel” for how their furniture will fit into their new space. If it looks crowded and navigation through the house proves challenging, they will move on.

If you want my input on selling your house, email me with your contact information and a good time to call.

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Why get a Pre-Sale Home Inpection?

According to Darryl Saam, a Professional Building Inspector here in Nanaimo (, a pre-sale home inspection upon listing your house for sale is a great idea.  It not only gives potential buyers a good first impression, it gives the seller peace of mind that a post-sale inspection won’t turn up any costly surprises!  Below are 10 reasons by Darryl:

  1. Dramatically increases marketability and confidence in your home to the potential buyer.
  2. Helps to eliminate conditional offers.
  3. According to the Ontario real-estate board in a market where the average days a home is on the market is 30-40 days a home that has a pre-listing inspection sells 13 days quicker.
  4. The report can be used by your agent at showings, open houses, emailed as a PDF to potential out of town buyers.
  5. Speeds up the process of the transaction, it is a win/win for the seller and buyer!
  6. It helps you prioritize repairs — those you’ll pay for yourself and those you’ll pass on to the buyer.
  7. It allows you to get quotes on the larger items found to be deficient and reduce the asking price accordingly. CMHC national statistics show that buyers renegotiate 4 to 5 times the actual value of repairs to any deficiencies that their home inspection found. This alone may save you thousands of dollars.
  8. Included is an eye catching lawn sign that accompanies the agents sign, and a free 120 day limited warranty* on the home.
  9. Eliminate the stress that comes with “Subject to home inspection”.
  10. It reduces your liability by adding professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

If you have any questions about a pre-sale inspection call Darry Saam at 250-713-4811 and seeing how you’re thinking of selling your home, call Jeff King at 250-751-4902 or email me at [email protected].

* Please note that the 120 day limited warranty is offered by Discovery Home Inspections and may not be offered by all inspection services.


Looking to Sell?

Selling During the Holidays

Yes it does happen, you can sell your house during the holidays!  I actually sold one on Christmas Eve! Selling your house can be a stressfull task anytime let alone during the Holiday season.  Keep in mind though, peoples homes usually look their best during this time as most of us go out of our way to have the home spotless and ready for visitors.  The trick is decorating your home for Christmas to make buyers fall in love with your house and not think it’s too small for them.  Interior home designer, Cynthia Martin, gives us these great tips to keeping it simple yet festive!

  • Pack away your year round decorations & trinkets before decorating for Christmas.
  • It is important to keep your home clutter free. Your home will appear larger to potential buyers.
  • Put a table runner or tablecloth on your dining table with a small Christmas centerpiece, or a glass bowl of coloured balls or candlesticks.
  • Decorate your fireplace mantle simply. Use candles, poinsettias & Christmas stockings. Make sure to accent the fireplace not cover it up. You want the potential buyers to be able to see the fireplace.
  • Do not hang garlands or other decorations from the ceiling or along walls. They are a distraction to potential buyers & will make the room appear smaller & ceiling lower.
  • Put away extra furniture when you put up your Christmas tree. Christmas trees take up a lot of floor space so it may be necessary to reorganize your furniture so your room will feel spacious.
  • Use a small simple ornament on end tables & coffee tables. It is better to have some empty space around an ornament on a table, it will make the area appear larger.
  • Keep your gifts contained under the tree, do not let them trail out & take up precious floor space. Once gifts have been opened put them away, do not leave them out & hanging around. Make sure that all wrapping, bows & tags are disposed of properly.
  • Keep your floor area open & uncluttered.
  • Do not use Christmas lights on anything inside except on your Christmas tree.
  • An exterior flower arrangement on the front porch and/or a wreath or bow on the front door give a warm welcome.
  • Do not use lawn ornaments, keep your lawn well groomed & uncluttered to show off the natural features.
  • If you use exterior lights keep them simple & do not overdue.
  • Remember Less is More!

Cynthia is currently relocating to the Nanaimo area.  If you would like to hire her for decorating tips, home staging ideas or interior space design.  Send me an email and I’ll put you in contact with her.

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Meeting Your Lawyer (Seller)

You will normally meet with your lawyer to sign the sale documents a few days before the completion date.  Your lawyer will have received the sale documents from the Buyer’s lawyer and reviewed same prior to meeting you.

At the meeting you will normally sign the Statement of Adjustments, the Form A Transfer, an HST Certificate and a declaration of your residency for tax purposes.  Your lawyer will act as a witness to your signing of the documents.  You can expect that meeting to last approximately half an hour.

If you have an existing mortgage to be paid out and discharged your lawyer will be responsible to do so.  The net sale proceeds (after any mortgage payout) will be paid to you by your lawyer on the completion date.

Information provided by Stuart Wood of Wood and Company.  Stuart can be reached at 250-751-8135 or email him at [email protected].

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Pricing Your House Too High Can Cost YOU Money

9 Reasons Why

Ok, so you’ve decided that it’s time sell your house.  For whatever reason; upgrade, downsize, relocate, you get the picture. Now, everyone wants the most money for their house, right? And, many homeowners, including you, believe for whatever reason that their house is worth more than the one down the street, right?  Be honest with yourself!  Homeowners should be cautioned that overpricing a house for sale can end up costing them money, literally thousands!

Now, keep in mind that you’ve already decided that you’re going to sell and move on. I have 9 simple reasons why pricing your home too high can cost you money.

It’s all common sense really!  I can explain where the current market for your area is and help you price your house right.  Send me an email to receive my paper 9 Reasons Why Pricing Too High can cost YOU Money! Just put “9 Reasons” in the subject line.

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Nanaimo Real Estate For Sale By Owner

If you own Nanaimo Real Estate and you are trying to sell it on your own, I applaud you.  Some of my past business has come from helping For Sale By Owners or FSBO’s as we say in the business.  I’ve heard all the stories of successes and not so sussessfuls.  Feel free to use any of the information on this site to your benefit.  If I can be of assistance as to pricing or marketing tips.  Give me a call at 250-756-2112.  I would be more than happy to stop by and give you an evaluation on your property and tell you what the market is really doing.  Who knows, maybe I have a buyer looking for a property just like yours!

Nanaimo Real Estate Statistics can be found here and you can email me your questions to [email protected]  Good luck!


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